Friday, August 31, 2012

Peach Pancakes

Happy Friday y'all! Yesterday was my last day of working full-time at the hospital until probably Christmas. Some might think, "O wow, what a vacation." It's really not though. I'm trading in 8 hour shifts for 19 hour shifts (this is my last didactic year, this is my last didactic year - I've got to keep telling myself this). With that being said, I decided sleeping in and a luxury breakfast were long over due. 

I'm really not a sweet breakfast kinda gal - savory is usually my route, but this morning I had a hankering for peach pancakes. My mom has been carb loading the evening before her long runs, so she's had Bisquick Complete on hand - a whole grain version of Bisquick, minus all the hydrogenation (and yes, she carb loads with banana pancakes haha). I used the Bisquick, a fresh peach, and some pure maple syrup to make these babies.

What kind of breakfasts do you prefer - savory or sweet?

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.


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