Friday, August 10, 2012

Bloody Marys and Storm Parties

Happy Friday everybody! I'm officially on vacay! Five days of silence, relaxation, sun, chocolate chip coffee cake, bloody marys (I swear by this stuff), and nothing work related. Woop woop.

It's neva too early for bloody marys.

I was supposed to be in Savannah, GA for my vacay with one of my roommates from WVU and her man but life happens, so we had to postpone :(

Instead, I'm down in Cape Hatteras, NC with my momma, daddy, and some wonderful family friends. Even though some storms are passing over us right now, there's nothing more enjoyable than having lots nothing to do and great people to share it with. The current plan is a storm party with drinks in our jammies and either tenderloin or a shrimp boil for dinner. Yum-MO!

Let the games begin!



  1. Enjoy your vacay. Sending some prayers your way girlie.

    1. Thanks lady. You too - always :)