Monday, August 6, 2012

Wake Up Little Susie

Did anyone have one of these bad boys growing up?

This girl right here did and she loved it. Mine didn't have dual microphones - mine only had one (my parents probably planned it that way haha). I remember taking this thing everywhere with me, singing songs I knew and some I didn't! I had those Wee Sing - Sing Along books and tapes and those were  my best companions. I'd select which tape I wanted to listen/sing to, pop open my Playskool tape player, put my tape in, and sing. Sing all of the songs from the book. I actually had this exact book with tape.

The most memorable book I couldn't locate on the internet, but I remember it having 50's sock-hop like songs on it. My favorite? Wake Up Little Susie by The Everly Brothers. I can't imagine why it was my favorite? I used to sing that song until I was blue in the face, and my mom would sing it to me in the morning at an attempt at waking me up for the day. Eventually I grew out of this song. I no longer sing it, and no longer carry around my tape player everywhere I go. 

It's still very near and dear to my heart though. Yesterday, I shared I how I made the cutest darn banner, and I mentioned promised to share what it was hanging from. This cutie will be hanging in the large, bla spot above my dresser and could't be more excited! Here she is.

(Screaming like a little girl over here!) Totally love it. Has a little bit of an OCMS feel. Anyone? 

Wanna make one inspired by childhood memories? This project took off because I was inspired by this girl's canvases with quotes from her dad - I tweaked mine a little (no Mod-Podge, books, etc.). Heres how:

Wake Up Little Susie Canvas

What You'll Need To Make It

  • Large Canvas (I used 20" x 20")
  • Spray Paint (At least two colors, a base color and another to spray over your letters. I used a flat metallic silver for my base and a glossy bahama sea color for my top coat. Both were by Krylon. I have used their paint in the past - I think they have done something different to it. The glossy was a complete and total mess. Still satisfied with the appearance though.)
  • Vinyl Letters (If you need more than one U, buy two packages. Yes, I had to go back out for another.)
  • Sandpaper or Scotch Brite Pad
  • Stain (The Minwax I used was the same color/can used by my dad to stain the trim of our house . . . 19 years ago. Yea, it's old. They still make the color I used though.)
  • Gloves
  • Old Rag (Use to apply stain.)
  • Clear Sealer
  • An Inspired Quote or Saying

How To Make It

  • Start with a fresh canvas.
  • Spray your base coat color all over and allow to dry.
  • After drying, apply vinyl letters as you please.
  • Spray other color over base color with applied letters in place and let dry.
  • Once dry, peel away letters.
  • Use sandpaper to roughen edges and sand down any rough areas surrounding the letters. Sand some of the surface all over, exposing some of the base coat.
  • Put gloves on and dip small portion of old rag in stain. 
  • Wipe stain all over canvas, making certain to cover the roughed up areas. This doesn't have to be methodical. It's supposed to look a little old and messy. Let dry.
  • Once dry, spray with a clear sealer and allow to dry.
  • To attach your banner, use thumbtacks. I pushed them slightly into the back of the canvas, wrapped the bakers twine around the thumbtack several times, then pushed the thumbtack firmly into the canvas securing the twine and trimmed any extra.
  • Hang to display and enjoy it by drinking a cup of coffee in a chair next to it. Instant good day!

Things you'll need.

Spray your base color all over your fresh canvas.

Apply letters like you want them, spray top color all over, and let dry. I'm not sure if it was the gloss paint or my letters not being applied well, but the edges on some of the letters peeled up after spraying - may have been a combination of both. I kinda like it though. Once dry, peel off your letters.

After peeling off your letters, you'll have something that looks like this. The middle picture shows some of the rough edges on a few of the letters. Not all of them were like this, but I kinda liked it. I did smooth them out some with sandpaper so that they would pick up the stain better.

Dip your rag in your stain and begin to spread all over. You can try for something uniform, but I wanted it a little messy and a little darker in some areas. (Make sure you're in a well ventilated area for this.)

Let stain dry, apply clear sealer, then hang your banner from it!

There she is again! Love!


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