Friday, May 18, 2012

Want Some Jimmies On That?

My birthday was back in February and I had quite a lot going on during that time: DDM Block II, two roommates' birthdays, etc. It was just mentally taxing. With that being said, I partied it up in Virginia Beach for my birthday, rather than make the trek to Richmond.

I made a smart choice. I basically got two celebrations. I must remember this for future birthdays!

The weekend after my birthday I went to the 804 for some lovin' and boy did I get it! My momma used to make cakes (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.) when I was younger, therefore I always had the creme de la creme birthday cakes growing up. This year she decided to go a different route and I didn't hate it!

Forever it seems, I have enjoyed those pasty, white, simple carb, high calorie, high fat, high sugar, DELICIOUS cookies (that I refer to as crack cookies) that Walmart sells year round with different frostings and decor. Know what I'm talking 'bout? I thought so. They are so awful and wonderful at the same time.

In fact, I have received them in place of Valentine's Day candy from boyfriends and I usually consume them in one sitting with milk. Lots of milk. Hey, no judging! I know you've done it too. Part of the process is overcoming the denial of it all.

They are actually called Lofthouse cookies, and my momma being the saint that she is made 'em for me. She used this recipe for Lofthouse cookies but tweaked it a little bit and of course added lots of love. I am convinced they got me through the following week of studying. Otherwise, I might not be sharing this with you now!

Now for the jimmies. While at WVU I had to take a speech class. Not because I have an issue with talking in front of people, but as a requirement. We allllll know that speaking isn't something I fear.

My professor would always bring up different words and ask the students in her class to say what they learned that it was called/named growing up. Examples would be shopping cart/buggy, toboggan/beanie, remote/clicker, vacuum/sweeper, and in another case sprinkles or jimmies?! I refuse to call them jimmies, but apparently they are not to be confused with sprinkles that adorn sundaes, cookies, brownies and more. I think it's a northern thang. Won't hold it against ya' though.

With that being said, my momma topped these cookies off with jimmies sprinkles and they were just divine.



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