Saturday, May 19, 2012

Orange Ya' Glad?

I know, I know. Orange ya' glad? Super fifth grade but you will be glad that I posted these gems.

Back in March during Spring Break (for me), my momma officially became addicted . . . to Pinterest. So hard out in the streets these days! I could hear her pin something in the other room and then say mmmmm. Then pin something again, and then say MMMMM even louder.

I decided on my off day (should have been studying Cardio) to stalk her Pinterest boards and make her a little something. She pinned these Orange Muffins and I thought why not? As you can see from the post here and the one I am currently sharing, Annie's Eats is spot on with her recipes. It's also one of my Daily Fuel vices. What can I say? These are good things people!

So after enjoying sushi with a good friend, I went to the store for the few things I needed and got down to making these beauties.

See? Orange ya' glad?


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