Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cutting The Bull

I have said that I would start a blog time and time again and I never have. I have either had too much going on, not enough energy, or lacking willpower in general. This is my attempt to finally cut the bull and make it work.

I invested in a pretty decent camera a little over a year ago (Nikon D3100) and haven't taken it off the auto setting. For what reason? I don't entirely know. I do know that I enjoy photography in it's entirety, and that I did NOT pay what I paid for my camera to shoot in auto. I can do that with the camera my ex-bf bought me!

In addition to forming an electronic journal of photog learning, I will post things pertaining to recipes (savory and sweet) that are successes and failures, as well as various craft/home reno projects that I take on.

Many of my friends say, "O you should pin things that you've made" or this or that, so this will be my version of doing so. In addition to this blog I am on Pinterest and Instagram, so feel free to follow me if ya like what ya see.

The first few posts will be posts of things that I've had stacking up over the past few months. Enjoy!


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