Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nannie Flowers Are The Best Kind

Last Friday I finished up my three week rotation (thank tha' good Lord) and had plans of leaving afterward for Philadelphia for a wedding/much needed fun. My roommate and her sister had planned to pick me up at my Nannie's house because it was closest to the hospital/highway.

I finished up my presentation at my rotation a wee bit early so Nannie and I had a greasy, fattening, delicious lunch at Wendy's and then went back to her house to relax until they got there. My Nannie has always had some sort of beautiful flowers in her front and/or backyard ever since I can remember. I am 24 and things are no different. I got to her house a few minutes before she did because she had an errand to run, so I whipped out my camera to take pictures of her lovely flowers. About two minutes in, thunder, lightning, and then rain a downpour blessed us.

We ran inside and waited it out. I kept peeking out the window like a little kid looking for santa hoping the rain had ceased. It finally did and I headed outside for an even more wonderful flowa' photo shoot. The flowers were fresh with rain and the sun was out in full force.

A little pre-rain action.

A little post-rain action.

It was even more special because the whole time my Nannie was peeking over my shoulder watching what I was doing (she's a camera whiz).


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