Thursday, June 7, 2012

Calms the Soul

Memorial Day weekend was just a few weekends ago and I had the pleasure of working the whole time (actually making moo-lah though, not rotation). My parents went to Carolina for a get away and it was up to me to watch the house and their dog. Ya' know . . . since I wasn't going to be doing anything all weekend.

I have mentioned before that my neighbors have horses and depending upon the weather in the mornings, I can really capture some wonderful shots. Saturday morning of that weekend I woke to the foggiest of foggy mornings. It was so thick and slow you could almost see it descending as the morning progressed.

What did I do? Put my coffee on, threw on my cowboy boots, and walked drudged up to the barn to see what these fellas were up to before heading to work.

Just look at this. What part of this doesn't calm the soul? Please don't confuse this picture for grainy. That's how thick and dense the fog was.

Then I got down with a little fence/dew action.

Couldn't find the spidey that belonged to that web below. I'm sure it was somewhere on me, or perhaps one of its friends was because I walked through a ginormous one and looked like Jackie Chan swatting the web away.

Here's the star of this morning's show.

Impossible to get her to hold still here.

These horses aren't as friendly, but managed to get a few.

These just might be making it to a wall in the very near future.

She was no longer interested, so I headed back to enjoy my coffee on the back porch.

Really couldn't have imagined a more peaceful start to the day, or a more enjoyable "me" weekend.

More stuff coming this week . . .


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