Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Succulent Succulents

Growing up, my great grandparents lived on a farm about an hour or so from my house. I spent my Christmas vacations and summers on that farm, in the very house that my Nannie was raised and that my mom, aunt, and cousins spent their Christmas vacations and summers. Needless to say, that house is filled with more memories than one could possibly imagine.

In my grandma's kitchen, she had a window right in front of her sink that she could look out of and watch her birds and hummingbirds at their feeders as she washed dishes in her beautiful porcelain sinks. On the window sill she had small pot after pot filled with the cutest little succulents.

Well a few weekends ago, I packed up some stuff and went back to the beach for the weekend to celebrate my roommate's husband's college graduation. They decided to have a little get-together at his mom's house with all of their family and friends.

Here's what the invites looked like that I made for the cookout (Instagram).

The cookout was fabulous. Everyone made delicious food and the weather couldn't have been prettier. It has to be mentioned that Chris' mom's backyard (and house) were goldmines for photo opportunities. She had the most charming shed in her backyard, and the largest, most beautiful bluejays and cardinals I think I've ever seen. In addition to all of that, she definitely has a green thumb.

As I was enjoying an ice cold PBR talking to my roommate's parents, I noticed to my right the largest pot of succulents I think I've ever seen! The pot had been sitting next to me the whole day and I had yet to notice it. Once I did, it brought back some of the fondest memories that I had of my grandma - watching her wash dishes, looking out her window at her own beautiful birds over a window sill full of succulents.

Here's Chris' mom's succulent succulents.

I didn't take that many pictures because I didn't want them to think I was "that" girl (I had just met them that weekend). They were the loveliest group of people though, so I'm certain I will be back in the future!


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