Monday, February 25, 2013

Brunch at Heritage and the James River Park System/Belle Isle

It's Monday y'all - thank goodness it's over (serious case of the Mondays over here). 

Let's talk tv. Anyone out there watching The Following on Fox? It's a fairly new show based out of Richmond, VA and a few other surrounding cities (Petersburg, Norfolk, etc.). A brief synopsis? A romantic literary professor turned serial killer that drew his inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe. The link? Edgar Allen Poe lived in Richmond for a large portion of his life. Y'all know me by now - I eat.sleep.breath all things Richmond. It's muh city, what can I say? O and you're in luck! It's coming on tonight. I definitely recommend getting caught up on episodes you've missed. Besides, who doesn't love some Kevin Bacon (he plays the detective)?

Since I love all things Richmond, it's only fitting to share a little piece of Richmond with ya. How about the James River Park System? Never heard of it? My mom hadn't either until we were skipping across the bridge to Belle Isle. Like myself, my mom was born and raised in Richmond -- so how could she have never heard of the James River Park System? Because when she was my age there was no "park system." It was just rocks and the swiftly flowing James River -- you had to hope the river was low enough so that you could skip rocks across. Yep, that was one of many stories we bonded over a couple of weekends ago. Of course the ones about her skipping school with friends on those same rocks were also included - HA! #sorrymom #youvebeenouted

So yea - about a month ago on a Sunday morning, my mom and I straight grubbed at Heritage. There was nothing lady-like about what we ordered or how we ate it. My mom got the Chicken and Waffles and I got their Biscuits and Gravy. If you're a local go. Now. If you're not, ya need to come visit and grab brunch here. ASAP. Trust me - I'd never lead you astray.

Best post-brunch idea? Go walking along the river. It was a crisp, cool January day and while things were definitely grey and bare, it was still muh city and I loved it.

The river was super high that day.

Sun flare and just a little snow that hadn't yet melted.

These trees. I love them.

How my mom used to get across . . .

Here's where our road ended and we had to find alternative means.

When I was in high school, we used to come down here and lay out on the rocks. Talk about a good time.

How we got across - the bridge that was unheard of when my mom was younger.

Look at that flare would ya?

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree -- someone must have gotten seriously angry with this tree.

Check out the park system. You can walk, bike, run and it's tons of fun.


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