Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simple, Handwritten Notes

Hey there!

I kinda have a fun post to share today. I don't know how many of you follow Layla and Kevin over at The Lettered Cottage but I do. And I love them. They seem like such a down-to-earth and laid back couple - great parents in the making! Anyway - a couple days ago, Layla posted on gestures and their simplicity and importance in this post. A few days passed, and many people held her accountable, so she posted here about her little adventure here

Earlier this summer, I had a similar experience at a Chik-Fil-A drive-thru and posted about it here. After that event and reading Layla's adventure, I felt it was God's way of telling me - This is it. It's your turn. What could be more simple, fun, and encouraging than leaving a handwritten note for someone? Nothing I tell you! 

I really love paper goods, so this is very much up my alley. I've actually decided to do one a week in 2013, placing them at random and I'm pumped about it. Giddy-like-a-child! Since we're two weeks into January, I placed two today. This will be an ongoing project for me for a couple of reasons:

  • Writing out a quick note relieves stress (and pretty paper doesn't hurt either)
  • It's easy
  • It's fun
  • It will make someone else smile and maybe spur them do something similar

I used a gift card from Christmas and headed to Target yesterday after work. I scored an awesome set of blank note cards and envelopes (200 to be exact) for $13 and picked up a few pens for my wordage. Lastly, I headed to Michael's for some decorative paper to line my envelopes (I tried to keep my paper gender neutral, but some florals and butterflies snuck in there).

I decided on envelopes with cards rather than a sticky note because it worked better for me and the locations I had in mind. I also made liners for my envelopes. It's SO easy and makes them SO fun. Here's a how-to if you'd like to know more.

I don't particularly care for my handwriting, which kinda stinks when you set out to do a handwritten note project haha. My solution? I typed up a couple things using some of my favorite fonts, printed them out, and used a stylus to transfer the outline to my envelopes. Then I just used my black pens to fill them in.

I made an enticing message for the front of my cards and a sweet hello for the inside.

I decided to follow in Layla's footsteps and placed my first card at my local post office. My PO is like most post offices - sterile looking, not cute and quaint and Better Homes and Gardens-esque like Layla's haha. Mine is also apparently VERY busy, even on a Saturday at three in the afternoon! I pulled up to a drop box and a man pulled up right behind me!! Ahh! I couldn't let him see me! I pulled away, got my stuff together, and pulled back up. I frantically taped my card to the drop box, snapped a quick picture, and sped away as I saw another person driving up behind me. Whew!

Now for the second one. I went to Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up . . . and to drop off some smiles. I went to the bathroom while the barista made my coffee and quickly set up my second card. I snapped a picture, collected my coffee, and walked to my car with the biggest grin on my face. 

I will preface this just like Layla did by saying that this is not a "Look What I Did" post, rather a "Look What WE Can Do" post. Think if you were the one washing your hands at Starbucks after a long morning wrangling your kids and scurrying off to their school. You see a note luring you in. You open it and a stranger has just wished you a wonderful and happy day. I can't speak for others, but that would make me grin from ear to ear, just as it does when I think about someone reacting that way. You don't even have to use cards and envelopes, sticky-notes are perfect! Promise me this - try it? Just once. You'll be more upset that you didn't do it, than if you do. Rest assured. 

I don't know if I'll post about each one every week - I was considering adding a tab to my navigation bar and posting a pic from each one, that way people could check in at leisure if they wanted. 

Happy note writing friends!

- Suze


  1. Love this Suze... Got me crying again it was so touching. keep it up girl... Love the one about the teeth and smiling. So fuN!

    1. Gretchen - Ya know what the cool part is? I (just like Layla) did not expect to ever find out who receives these. The one I left at Starbucks though (with the smiley teeth) . . . a girl that follows me on Instagram (that lives in my area) works there and SHE was the one that found it! She Instagrammed it after finding it and we sorta connected -- talk about a small world!