Friday, January 18, 2013

Fishing Boat Curiosity - Phoebus, VA

Happy Friday peeps!

I'm trying not to be bitter about the fact that I didn't get to see the snow last night because I was at the beach for school . . . just being honest. Ok - now I'm over it. It's Friday! AND I have a three day weekend! And an awesome baby shower with some friends to attend (back in Richmond).

I'm taking my camera to the shower to grab some photos of friends, cakes, gifts, cute yittle baby girl clothes, and story books galore (more to come). My goal is to put together a little Shutterfly Photo Book of the shower for the soon-to-be-mama . . . a little keepsake of sorts.

Last night, I was messing around in Lightroom because I really want to process the baby shower photos to have a washed out effect - the look where everything is muted and soft and pastel-like. I rarely use filters, but I have to say - I kinda like them alot. In middle school, black and whites and sepia tones took over most of my point and shoot photos, but once I bought my DSLR I felt filters took away from my photos. I've decided to branch out a bit and play around with them. Here are a few pictures with the "Aged Photo" filter from Lightroom 3 - I tinkered with the exposure and brightness some because they were far too washed out for my taste.

More on the quaint, little town of Phoebus here. How did I discover this little town?

Everyday on my long exhausting drive to school, I have to pass through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel - the one that is always backed up in the summer year round because people just can't seem to drive . . . like . . . normal. Once I reach the other side of the tunnel, I look to my right and see these huge red and white boats. For months I've been telling myself I would figure out how to get to those boats.

One Friday after class (in October - sorry I'm late), I decided to find those boats. I knew they had to be close if I could see them! I meandered through small, quiet side streets until I reached a small tiny bridge. There was water all around me at this point - I could almost sniff those boats out.

I drove just a little further until I found a small, gravel lot - site of Fort Monroe. I parked, got my camera, and began to walk. I stumbled upon the Wanchese Fish Company. My parents have bought fish in bulk from them for years (in Wanchese, NC). The quality of their fish is on point. See the red boats painted on the side of this building? I started putting two and two together that my red boats were indeed fishing boats.

Pelican headquarters. They're just waiting for the fishermen to unload so they can fly swarm in for anything they may drop.

My boats! I finally found my boats.

See those crazy pelicans? They were huge! My lens is a buzzkill, so it can't do their enormity justice.

I love that this boat is called The Good News II {kinda makes me wonder what happened to #1}.

Loving this filter! And this town! Super quiet and cute and small. I stood on the middle of the bridge and went back and forth from side to side snapping pictures, never once having to worry about cars. Love that!


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