Friday, December 7, 2012


So I just got back from Vegas! More to come - promise. This post is a little random and late, but it is what it is. Back in October, I did my normal gig of going back to Richmond for the weekend. The only difference - Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) was headed our way. I had voting, soaking up fall, and catching up on school work on my to-do-list, and I successfully checked each one off.

At that point, the trees in Virginia Beach were no where close to changing colors for the season. And I was bummed. Alot. Fall is my favorite season. The colors. The smells. Well, you know - I've mentioned it before. Everyone was Instagramming their beautiful fall trees, and I had nothing. Nothing I tell you.

Once back in Richmond with gloomy skies out in full force, I headed out to vote (absentee, in person - highly recommend it). I took my camera along, hoping to catch the beautiful trees of Virginia in all their glory. My sanity thanks you Virginia.

Doesn't that yellow tree make you swallow your gum? I had to stop in the middle of the road to take this picture, but everytime I look at it I think, "Yep. So worthwhile."

After I got back from voting, I ventured over to the neighbors' to check in on the horses and alpacas and to do a little walking and thinking (before that storm rolled in).


Look at those colors would ya?

While walking I got to thinking. Despite all my stress - school, not being at "home," future trips, personal differences, etc. I felt full. I feel full. Full of love. Full of gratitude. Full of thankfulness. Full of support. No matter what, I really feel as though I've always had those things. A network. People that get me. People that want to see me succeed. People that have always wanted that for me, even if I have doubted myself from time to time. Let me tell ya - it's a good place to be.

This guy right here didn't want much to do with me, but see how he looks a little flustered? A little crazy? A little caught off guard? That's how I've felt since September. It's like I've hit the ground running, someone calls my name, I look up at them, and I look just like this alpaca. Ha!

I'm finally at a point where I feel myself able to begin settling down to enjoy this year's Christmas season. I have a case study, three finals, and one presentation separating me from normalcy. Bring. It. On. These past few months have easily been the most trying of months for me. They have also been rewarding. I have been able to partake in various professional conferences, go places I never thought I would (at least not until after I graduate), and have met people that would test me as well as broaden my horizons.

Thanksgiving was a much needed breather, but it was a tease. My mom had some cold/respiratory bug and handed it off to yours truly. You had better believe I was pumping OJ and Mucinex like no one's business - I had a final exam and a trip to prepare for! 

See how this horse looks complacent - not a care in the world besides, "Why are you taking my picture, lady?" I'm starting to feel this way. This is good. This is needed. 

When's the last time you felt FULL? Complacent? Frazzled?

My mommas birthday is this weekend. What do you get the woman that has everything? Ha! I'm sure she wouldn't completely agree :)


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