Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Pie - Proper Pie Co.

Last Sunday was my momma's birthday and I had quite the idea planned.

When I got to town last Friday, my dad told me he would be gone for the weekend hunting with friends. All I heard was, "You and your mom should veg and be lazy." Soooo we did. My mom made it home and we vegged by the glow the Christmas tree. We watched all of our guilty pleasures (reality TV) and ate pizza. 'Twas was so nice. 

Saturday morning, we I slept in, woke up, had coffee, and started helping my mom make cake pops for a Christmas party we had planned to attend that evening (more to come about these). In passing, I mentioned this new pie joint that had opened downtown and kinda explained what kinds of stuff they had. She said she hadn't heard of it, so I didn't really mention anything else about it . . .

Until Sunday afternoon. When I showed up at the house. With eight different kinds of pie for her to feast on for her birthday! 

So what's this place that serves only pie? It's Proper Pie Co. in Church Hill. Their Facebook gives you a daily run-down on their selection, their Yelp reviews sing their praises much like myself, and Richmond BizSense has a thing or two to say about them (the owners) as well. rvanews had a little somethin' somethin' too - can you say food cart?? 

If you're looking for a homey place where you can get hot, meaty (or not) delicious pies, or a slice of {pie} heaven for a mid-sunday-afternoon-just-because, then look no farther. Proper Pie Co. is your place. O - and their company logo is pretty much the peaches to my cream too. Love. It. 

Alright. Enough talking. Here's some pie for ya. {Happy Birthday Momma}

I have to tell on myself a little bit here. Once she realized she had about eight different kinds of pie to feast on, there was no "gently taking everything out of the packages." With that being said, I just took everything out as I grabbed it from the bag, not paying attention to the fact that I had the savory pies laying upside down! Silly me. For that reason, the pictures won't be nearly as pretty as these - that and we had to get a few tastes in before I could take any pictures, thus why they're half eaten. HA!
Spinach, Blue Cheese, and Mushroom

 Steak and Cheese

Chicken and Kumara

-Not pictured . . . Sausage Roll. Which. Was. Phenomenal.-

Blueberry and Apple (momma's fave)

Pear Almond (my fave)

Banana Coconut Cream (so light, so much like a fancy banana pudding)

Lemon Meringue

So tell me, would you like eight kinds of pie on your birthday?


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