Friday, July 13, 2012

Tree Cleanup, Fireworks, and Concerts

Here's a little tree cleanup update. For the most part, the tree is gone and all that's left is sawdust, sweat, and sadness. Sadness because that tree provided shade for the majority of the backside of our home. O well, what can you do? Better than a tree sitting in the kitchen right? 

Just a heads up, if you're looking for a highly stimulating, photo heavy post, this ain't it. I promise a craft/DIY print post next to get your craft juices flowing.

The morning after the storm around 6AM.

From the two pictures below, you can see all the trees that surround our property that are apart of our property. I wasn't joking in that text message about being a tad freaked out!

From the inside of the house looking out.

Couple days after when cleanup arrived.

The gentleman helping us here - there are no words to explain him other than . . . crazy. It was pure entertainment with a chain saw to say the least.

Brush pile #1 - just limbs and leaves.

These pictures show ya' just how much ground was uprooted and how wide it was - a toothpick really. O wait, it was 85 inches around!

Whew! We certainly had an exciting and tiring start to the fourth of the July holiday. Speaking of which, on the 3rd I went downtown with friends, had a few brews and fried pickles at Station 2, then watched fireworks over the city like usual.

On the 4th, I put on my most patriotic dress, cooked out on the grill, then went with a friend from WVU/hometown to Fort Lee to watch Justin Moore perform and watch their fireworks show. I must say, the concert and fireworks at Fort Lee were spectacular! Totally worth the wait trying to leave base after all the festivities had died down. No matter how old you are, I don't think I'll ever get too old for fireworks.


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