Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breakfast Frittata {Cast-Iron Skillet Style}

Last Saturday morning was a dreary one. And I loved it. I made my coffee and sat down to the Today Show while the rain trickled down the windows. The longer I sat there, the more I checked IG. Everyone was making killer breakfasts, so I did what any normal person would do -- I made a frittata. Why not something else? Because a frittata is easy and I was the epitome of lazy that morning. 

Seriously. What's easier than throwing things into a well-seasoned skillet and baking it? Nothing, nothing I tell you.

Breakfast Frittata (serves 4-6)

What You'll Need

  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 C milk
  • 1/8 C heavy cream or half-&-half
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/8 C pecorino
  • 1/8 C parmesan
  • 1 large handful of spinach
  • 5 slices uncured bacon
  • Salt and pepper

How To Make It

  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 
  • Crack your six eggs into a medium size mixing bowl. 
  • Next, add your milk, heavy cream, and two cloves of minced garlic to the bowl.
  • Add a sprinkle of salt (not too much because the bacon and cheese both provide saltiness) and some freshly ground black pepper.
  • Finely chop a large handful of spinach and add to eggs. I don't wilt mine down, but feel free to.
  • Add almost all of your pecorino and parmesan to the egg mixture (reserve some for garnish or just grate some more!).
  • Whisk to combine.
  • Cube your bacon slices and add to a 10-inch cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Brown just until crisp. Remove bacon from skillet onto a paper towel-lined plate.
  • At this point, you can either drain all the grease from your skillet or leave it. We all the know the best option here -- there's not that much grease in the skillet :)
  • Add 3/4 of the egg mixture to the bacon-greased skillet and sprinkle with bacon, then add remaining eggs. You can run a knife throughout to help distribute some of that yummy, bacon-y goodness. Yep, bacon-y is a word.
  • Sprinkle with remaining cheeses or top with freshly grated cheese.
  • Pop into the oven for 15-18 minutes. No one likes over done eggs, so be sure to watch it/jiggle it to test for done-ness.
  • Remove from oven, let sit for a few minutes, then feast!

Frittatas are great in that they're extremely versatile. You could easily make several of these during the holidays when family is in town or for overnight guests. I think a sausage one would be divine, and a greek-style veggie one with feta would be spot on!

Have you ever made a frittata? If so, what ingredients did you use?



  1. This looks so good, we love eggs and often eat them for dinner. I can remember the first time I made fancy eggs about 25 years ago we stayed at a seaside b&b they made scrambled eggs chives and parm after getting home I recreated them so simple but brings back memories.
    Have a great day!

    1. In undergrad, most of my dinners were eggs in some shape or form! I bet that seaside b&b was beautiful! There are quite a few on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Chincoteague and Assateague Islands) and they're quaint and cute.

      I bet your egg recreation was just as yummy as the b&b version!

      Hope you have a wonderful day!