What's The Deal?

So what's the dealy-o with starting this blog?

Not only do I enjoy reading about other's lives from their point of view, but I love sharing about my very own! It doesn't matter if one person or millions of people see what I make, take pictures of, or where I travel - it's the action of sharing it at all.

I have made countless recipes (good and not-so-good), crafted lots of crafts (some pretty and some not-so-pretty), and captured many memories (some crisp and some blurry-what-was-I-thinkings) over the years. I'm finally getting down to business and holding myself accountable by blogging about things near and dear to me.

I don't claim to be a pro at anything. I'm just a simple girl and I know what I like. Here lies this project venture. I'm a Jane Of All Trades - Master Of None. Welcome! I hope you enjoy.


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