Tid Bits

A Few Tid Bits About Yours Truly:

I love urban, city life just as much as I love my cowboy boots and the country. In fact, I like wearing my cowboy boots in urban cities.
I like coffee. The taste of it. The smell of it. The way it makes me feel. It comforts me in every sense.
I have a knack for making things out of paper. Not just scrapbooking, but really unique things.
I do not like getting up early. AT ALL.
I like pictures. Lots and lots of pictures all over. I am THAT obnoxious family member taking pictures at every event.
I'm a Mountaineer and will be until they chuck me in the ground.
I enjoy all types of cheese. And alcohol. And most often together.
I have a love/hate relationship with animals. And it's not more of a lovey one.
I like science. I hate math. And I don't find it to pose a problem, though I will be a pharmacist the rest of my life.
If I could get a do-over on life decisions, I would probably move west (somewhere cold), sit around in tie-dyed tees, make pottery/crafts, and drink coffee all day. And obviously get paid millions for doing so.
Or my momma and I would start a wedding boutique - she would make cakes (she used ta') and I'd be the invite extraordinaire.
I have a pretty ridiculous accent and I hate like it. A lot.
I love kind people. People that are inherently good. People that you see, meet, and experience that you just walk away from feeling blessed, humbled, and just all around bettered. 


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